i’m putting ellie on an indefinite hiatus.

my ellie muse has severely dwindled, and i’ll admit i’m feeling like shit every time i come on here. i feel like people don’t even like my ellie any more and my mood drops when i see that all the other ellies are getting so much more attention and i’m just…there.

i don’t know when i’ll be back, but whatever.
not like i’ve been here anyway.

you can find me on caderalia most likely.

( ;; o p e n )

a child forced into a survival situation won’t fully
understand what they’re doing, it’s just a way of
keeping themselves alive. a child that feels
threatened could do anything to stay safe, it’s
just a way of keeping themselves alive. a child
living in a v i o l e n t environment could perform
violent acts, it’s just how they’ve been brought up.

a child trying to survive will do anything to survive.

unfortunately, ellie was forced into a violent world,
where human get infected, turn into monsters that
do nothing but spread a fungus further and further
throughout the earth. she’s got nothing else to do
but commit murder, simply because if she doesn’t
she could become the victim.

the teen sighs, it’s starting to catch up to her. life
before the cordyceps infection seemed so safe,
and she wished things were different, where it 
hadn’t caused chaos everywhere, maybe she
could be alike to the girl that had written that
diary - only caring about school work or the next
time she would get to watch a movie or something
similar to that.

funny how life can change so drastically, how violent
people can become, how violent c h i l d r e n can
become, when put in a situation like this. oh, how
she wished things were normal.

but t h i s was considered normal now.


like for a starter.


 {                        Every GIRL is capable of  MURDER, if you hurt her
                       Watch out you don’t push               me any further , any further
                       You’re not the only one walking ‘round with a ʟᴏᴀᴅᴇᴅ ɢᴜɴ
                          This little girl is capable of MURDER, cause you hurt her          }

like for a starter.

tumblr + tlou (4/??)

                                 ’ fuck off! ‘

out; pls follow my amy ( raaudenfeld ) as i’m probably gonna be on her a lot more than ellie or carmen tbh
i’ll see you guys thursday/friday, gotta get ready for college now

❝ We’re faking being lesbians. Karma is. I’m not so sure
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If I don’t laugh

                                                                                     I’ll  c r y