Ellie-mun! I don't know what's been going on, but I do hope things begin looking up for you soon. Okay? I want you to get better, I want you to be able to smile more, and I want you to come on and enjoy writing with your Ellie, as much as I do. Okay? Chin up! I'm rooting for you!

out; i don’t think that’ll be possible, not with the way things are going for me

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On my tombstone please write “Not appreciating my puns when I was alive was a grave mistake”


( she sits, eyes closed and mind elsewhere,
the only sound coming from her being the sound
of her heartbeat and breathing as she thinks of
those she’s lost. a familiar pendant rests in her
palm, the name and number of its owner facing
upright — the name being Riley Abel.

a sigh escapes her lips, the teen truly does miss
that girl, but time has passed and there is nothing
she can to do bring her back. thoughts drift back
to that last moment before infected ruined every-
thing, before they got bit and before they even 
showed up.

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   ” — they’re pretty expensive but…
     you wanna come for a ride?”

                  “—fuck yeah!

   {/She may or may not feel bad for not sharing her food with Ellie. So to make up with it, Nicole is leaving her a bag of groceries. Bread, lettuce, ham, and bags of chips.}



  "… Are ye lost or somethin’?”

        When was the last time he’d seen a
        young girl that wasn’t a Little Sister?
        He could barely recall it, and it was
        making this rather awkward for him.

                  “————yes and no.

          more like she’s exploring, not exactly lost.
          although running around places like this
          probably isn’t exactly safe; she doesn’t care.
          this is ellie we’re talking about, she finds
          ways to get to places nobody else even
          knows about.



   “—Okay… Uh, how about something
    that’s actually funny?” Merlin asked.

                  “That was totally funny!

                  “——hey! look what i found!

          it’s nothing much to be amazed at, but in the world
          they live in — it’s like finding atlantis. what is in front
          of her is simply a vending machine with one packet
          of sour sweets left, and ellie’s determined to find a
          way to get them.




     Where’s AJ?

                  “I thought he was with you?



 “You have annoying friends.”


                  “Yeah, well——so are y o u.”